Aaron Geis Photography - Commercial and Advertising Photographer - Bristol proudly serves small businesses, corporate and hospitality clients with top quality commercial and advertising photos in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Swindon, Salisbury, Yeovil, Taunton, Exeter and throughout the UK. Recent testimonials include - 'Aaron is a talented photographer. I was impressed with his capacity for creativity with the shots he took of the team-building day I delivered. Absolutely delighted with the results of his work. I hope we collaborate again together in the New Year.' - 'Aaron always provides an excellent service, his photography captures character and his style is elegant and unique.' - 'Working with Aaron was a pleasure. His knowledge, experience and patience ensured he captured exactly the look I wanted. His communication was excellent and I''m delighted with the results of our shoot. I recommend him wholeheartedly.' - ‘Thanks Aaron for making our wedding so lovely. It is the best feeling to look back on a beautiful day that you captured. So relaxed and easy. Thanks again’ - ‘Aaron is a great teacher and has always been very helpful and willing to share his considerable expertise as a photographer. I would gladly recommend him as a 360/Panoramic photographer & consultant, though his skills extend to all areas of photography and he is constantly learning new technologies.’ - ‘We hired Aaron professionally to shoot several of our branded hotels Google tours. Feedback has been fantastic and I would definitely recommend his services.’ - ‘Aaron always provides us with an efficient and flexible service. We are continually impressed with his charming photography style and would recommend him to any hotelier or restauranteur who is looking for high-quality captivating photographs. Photographs expertly edited and ready to use within a few days.’ = ‘I've worked with Aaron on a couple of projects over the years and have always found him to be professional, very helpful and courteous. The quality of his work is excellent and it helps that he's a really nice guy.’ - ‘I recently worked with Aaron on a 5-day shoot. He was excellent and very fun to work with. I would definitely work with Aaron again and would recommend him to anyone.’



My name is Aaron and I'm a photographer. 

When I was growing up in Portland, Oregon my father had a grey metal cabinet in the basement full of cameras; everything from an 8x10 view camera to a Leica IIIf to a Bolex 16mm film camera.

And he had a darkroom set up in the old fruit cellar.

One of the first lessons he gave me was using the view camera at a local park.

An 8x10 view camera is the type where you put a big cloth over your head and you can see the image projected on a large piece of glass, upside down.

So pretty magical.

I was hooked.

From that point on I started carrying his Nikon kit around and shooting my friends skateboarding and whatever.

Fast forward to 2019 and I've been a professional photographer for twenty-four years, the last nine of which I've been based in SW England.

And loving it!

In the short time I've been here I've already had the chance to work with some of the world's best-known corporations and also great local enterprises including:

  • Google
  • Trivago
  • Wessex Water
  • Mercure Hotels
  • Brownsword Hotels
  • Abode Hotels 
  • The Bath Priory Hotel
  • Amberley Castle Hotel
  • Buckland Manor Hotel
  • Sydney House Chelsea Hotel
  • Tasburgh House Hotel
  • Water 2 Business
  • The Arnolfini Gallery 
  • Watershed
  • At-Bristol
  • SS Great Britain
  • Home Leisure Direct
  • Occam Marketing Research
  • Symec Technologies
  • Farrons Estate Agency
  • The Circus Restaurant
  • El Puerto Restaurant
  • Byzantium Restaurant
  • Bar Antix
  • Beau Nash Antiques
  • Mad Science Bristol
  • Outdoor Leisure Group
  • Bonomini Hair Salon
  • Old Mill Interiors
  • Bertinet Bakery
  • Hartley Farm Shop
  • and Kevin McCloud

I've always embraced the latest advances in my field and I love the exciting new image making potential of digital technology.

Professional digital cameras can now be used to create cinematic quality video footage and also to produce immersive virtual tours.

My approach remains the same when shooting all of those formats - arrive equipped to create the highest quality images, pay close attention to the details, and look for the most engaging composition.

Once I return from an assignment the shoot is uploaded to an online proofing album. 

Post-processing is informed by my years in the black and white darkroom, I look to create something unique and special from every selected image.

The final results are then delivered via the one-click download function of this PhotoDeck website.

I'd love to sit down with a coffee and discuss how I might be able to help you with some stylish photos, please don't hesitate to call me - mobile 07583 411 876

Best wishes,


On the off chance you need to send me something physical my address is - Camellia, Lower New Road, Cheddar BS27 3DY

Aaron Geis Photography - Commercial & Advertising Photographer - Bristol - Camellia - Lower New Road - Cheddar - BS27 3DY - mobile 07583 411 876